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Real medical design

General design to fine carving

Perhaps the competition for details is the higher level of competition. Consumers in the same category with a wide range of products on the market tend to choose products with more beautiful shapes and more detailed industrial details. The detailed design of the product is reflected in two aspects: the external embodiment of the design and the internal embodiment of the design. The external design refers to the intuitive understanding of the product itself, that is, the function of the product. The internal manifestation refers to the implicit content derived from the product, which involves the manifestation of design psychology, human-machine relationship, human factors and other aspects. The detailed design of industrial product design is mainly to satisfy consumers' deep psychological needs for texture.

Technical design to product concept design

The current market competition has already been heated up, and the introduction of new products has become the main means for enterprises to occupy the market. People's pursuit of reasonable life concepts and lifestyles requires that products should not only stay on the existing technology, but should be combined with people's existing lifestyles, life concepts and potential demand trends to study.

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